Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dear Friends and Visitors....

I'm thrilled to share The Beautification Project with you! 
This project came about as I speculated on how I want to make a difference and leave a legacy in this world. As I looked at my skill set and what it would be like if I were fully self expressed, I became present to the fact that I'm very inspired by exquisite beauty especially in the area of art and aesthetics.
As a result The Beautification Project was brought forth! Please read below: 

 Intention: To create exquisite community spaces particularly with a focus on recovery homes. To transform the “common gathering space” in recovery homes and Homeless Shelters from ordinary to extraordinary.

Purpose: To assist in instilling a sense of responsibility and “worthiness” in the recovering addict/alcoholic.
With the belief that we are a product of our environment, a beautiful gathering space will enhance the recovery process. While there may already be clean, safe and well functioning homes for recovery, exquisite beauty has not been fully integrated into the equation.

Function: Working with existing Non Profit recovery homes/treatment centers, we will perform the following functions:

1.     Manage the fundraising.
2.     Solicit donations in the form of monies, materials, skills.
3.     Manage all features of the project.
4.     Provide the talent and skills necessary to complete the project.
5.     Transform the existing space from ordinary to exceptionally beautiful.

6.     Leave the community with an inspired gathering space.

Currently I'm working on one of the homes with Choices in Recovery, a Non-Profit in Vista Ca., 
We are receiving donations from retailers such as:
Home Depot
World Market

We are so grateful for the generosity provided by these companies! 
I've created this page for the  purpose of raising $1,000 cash to purchase some of the items that the above retailers aren't able to donate.
Specifically, there is a need for Sofas and Chairs in the common room.
Our goal is to have this project complete before November 17, 2014

Please notice the many donation buttons on the right side of this page....I've made it easy for you to be the awesome, giving person that you are! Any amount is appreciated :)
(If you're viewing this blog on your phone using the "mobile" version, you'll need to click "view web version" on the previous page in order to access the donation buttons)

Thank you so much for whatever you're able to donate. Remember, your donation is tax deductible!


Many Thanks,

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